Welcome to Kristin’s Kitchen!  We offer home cooking prepared from scratch from our kitchen to your home by owner and cook Kristin Tyler.

With today’s busy schedules, it is difficult to sit down and eat nutritious, full meals as many of us have little extra time for cooking.  Often, we are grabbing food on the go which is having serious effects on our health.

Kristin’s vision is to help you eliminate processed, preservative-rich foods from you and your family’s diet.  It is our goal to provide meals that not only taste amazing, but are good for you too!  Our family style and weekly meal plan meals are cooked from scratch with the freshest ingredients possible.  We do not believe in cooking everything on one day and eating it 4 or 5 days later—it is important to us that your food is eaten within 3 days of cooking it.  At Kristin’s Kitchen our focus is more on clean eating and healthy portions for health and weight loss rather than counting calories.  This type of approach not only sheds pounds and inches, it also provides numerous other long-term benefits such as better sleep, energy, skin, and overall health!

Got a big meal you need help with?  Send us a message and lets get cookin!



5 day meal plan is prepared twice a week for maximum freshness.  We prepare Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesdays meals on Sunday and Thursday and Fridays meals on Wednesday.


Designed for today’s busy family.  These dinners allow you to provide a delicious healthy meal for your family and avoid the fast food option.

Meals can be tailored to meet all of your family’s preferences.



Got a big party coming up?  Let us take the burden of dinner off of your plate.  We offer catering options to keep you from having to stress about hungry guests!

Forgot to order no problem just stop by the store and take home something from our grab and go case!