About Kristin

Kristin Tyler is a self-taught cook who enjoys cooking nutritious, preservative free meals for friends and families. Kristin lives in Lexington with her husband, Drew, and daughter, Angie. Her oldest daughter, Alex, is a recent graduate of Johnson and Wales University and is currently working as a chef in Charlotte pursuing her own passion for cooking.

"Best food on our tour, thus far" Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty

About Me w. Duck Dynasty

Kristin grew up in an Italian household where her family cooked everything fresh and ate out only on special occasions. Cooking using fresh ingredients opens up a whole new world of flavors that many people have never experienced. Kristin was fortunate enough to have a mother who stayed home with her and her sister when they were young and always prepared delicious dinners every night of the week. “It wasn’t until I was married that I had my first jarred tomato sauce because that’s what my husband was used to! One time, he asked me to make a box of Rice-a Roni, which I completely ruined because I had never seen my mom make a box mix of anything.”

Family dinner every night was a priority growing up and Kristin still follows this with her own husband and daughters. “I believe it is important to always have a home-cooked, nutritious meal on the table for my husband and daughters at least five nights of the week. It not only benefits their health, but is a time for our family to reconnect during a busy day’s schedule.” Kristin’s goal is to get families back to the dinner table and eating a well-balanced meal.

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