Meal Plan



This option allows you to eat clean, healthy sized portions to assist with weight loss and over all health.  Portions are based on 6oz of meat and 5oz of fish.

*Men, need a little extra protein, choose add on protein for additional 2 oz of protein


5 day meal plan is prepared twice a week for maximum freshness.  We prepare Monday and Tuesdays meals on Sunday and Wednesday-Fridays meals on Tuesday.


Orders  need to be placed by  Friday midnight

All deliveries to your home will be on Sunday between 7-8:30pm and then again on Tuesday between 5:30-7 for an additional $10

Pick up is available in store during normal business hours on Monday and Wed.


*delivery to your home is available if you live with in a 10 mile radius of our store*


Pricing for 5 day meal plan

The All In:  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for $119.90 (tax included).  Add extra protein for $27.25.

The Filler Up:  Lunch, and Dinner for  $103.55 (tax included).  Add extra protein for $21.80.

The Nights Off:  Dinner for $59.95 (tax included).  Add extra protein for $10.90. 

Week Dec 10-15


We will be closed Dec 21-Jan 1